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Team Fortress 2 days

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10 March 2009




Team Fortress 2 days, initially Team Fortress Tuesdays and later also Team Fortress Saturdays, are private community events held on the Fallout Studios Team Fortress 2 server. During the events, community members get together and play Team Fortress 2 among friends.


The premise is similar to an internet-based LAN-party, and everyone on Fallout Studios can join the games, though frequently members invite guests along as well. There is no specific goal other than to have fun, and to be able to play together with community friends. The event normally lasts for two to three hours, depending on how long the participants feel like continuing. The Team Fortress 2 server is password-protected during the event, to keep the server private while it is going on and to avoid people from joining randomly. Players are free to invite guests and share the password with them, however. When a significant amount of players leaves, the password is removed and the server once again becomes public. The event is held twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday, at 19:00 UK local time and 20:00 Central European local time throughout the year. It starts at 18:00 UTC during the summer, when Europe uses DST. At all other times it starts at 19:00 UTC. When The SetUp became affiliated with Fallout Studios, its members decided to create their own weekly event in inspiration of the existing events at Fallout Studios. These are held every Wednesday at the same time as Team Fortress 2 days. Although not a Fallout Studios event, many Fallout Studios members participate in it, so it is often considered a third weekly TF2 event unofficially.


The idea for Team Fortress Tuesdays came from Comr4de, who unexpectedly announced it on 10 March 2009. The first event was held the following Tuesday, 14 March, on a public server selected by the players. It drew many members, but initial reactions were mixed as many of the players were plagued by severe lag because of the unpredictability of the chosen server. This affected especially the members from Europe, so gameplay then moved to a European server. It was suggested to hold several distinct events per geographical area, so that members could participate at a time and on a server favourable to them, but this was not followed up on. When the Fallout Studios Team Fortress 2 server came available, the participation for the event grew more stable, and gradually others from outside Fallout Studios started to join as well. It was then decided, in part because some members were not able to attend easily on Tuesdays, to create a second event on Saturday. From that time, the game days were initially thought of as two events, Team Fortress Tuesdays and Team Fortress Saturdays. However, over time, people began to call them simply 'Team Fortress days', so this is at least unofficially the current name for the event.

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